Friday, July 19, 2013

Little Child

I have been feeling strongly prompted the past few days to study up on little children.

I thought it was because I haven't been being a very patient mother lately.  But the Lord has wowed my very simple mind.  By opening this door, I have opened the way to a different way of life -a new heart -a better way.

I'm learning that we fight to surrender.
We grow to become as a little child.

These truths go against the training I've received in the world, but I accept them.

The Lord is teaching me line upon line that I am literally His Child and as I'm understand that, He is opening up a vast world of truth.
Once I understand that I AM A CHILD OF A KING, I am given loving traits to strive for.


I study my own children and add to the list


The greatest person in my household is the 7 month old.

Recently, for one brief, sacred, fleeting moment, the Lord allowed the child in me -more very core- to connect with my husband's core, and the effect was mind-blowing.  I physically felt it in my body.
I felt the greatness of My Husband, his divine greatness.  It came to me that a man with this potential of true manhood and glory was in love with ME.  My senses erupted with an inexplicable sense of joy, and as quickly as it came it left.

My Defenses Of Old kicked in, letting me know that it was NOT OKAY to feel that much emotion or joy because hurt cometh in the morning.

And yet: I can't deny what I felt, what I saw beyond what my physical eyes could witness.

I will continue to study what it means to become like a little child, as King Benjamin entreated.  I will also take absolute heart and hope in the message I found in D&C 29:47

 46 But behold, I say unto you, that little achildren are bredeemed from the foundation of the world through mine Only Begotten;
 47 Wherefore, they cannot asin, for power is not given unto Satan to btempt little children, until they cbegin to become daccountable before me;

The more we become like little children, the less power Satan has to tempt us.  Or at least the more power we will have over him, the less we feel the desire to yield.

The simplicity.
The purity.
It is the most beautiful, literally out-of-this world experience I've ever come up against.  How I long to lay up treasures in my New Found Realm.  How I long to leave my old self behind.  
How I long.


  1. I love this:)

    I have my nieces over right now and I love listening to the interact. Such sweet little compassionate and helpful.

    Have you read the book, "The Soft Spokane Parent," by H. Wallace Goddard? It's n excellent book. It changed my motherly role for the better.

    Hugs and prayers are with you as you search for the inner child.

    Love you!

    1. I haven't read that book, but I've heard of it! I think as soon as I make it through the 12 steps for all THIS I'll take some time to read a few resources for my parenting as well :)
      Thanks, Sparrow!!!