Being married to someone with a pornography addiction can make you feel like you're going crazy.
Isn't porn harmless?  normal?  something every guy (or girl) looks at?
You can't be addicted to something you just LOOK at, right?

NO, it isn't normal or harmless.
YES, it is very addictive.

If you're just uncovering a loved one's porn addiction, know that you've automatically enlisted in our ranks.
Even though we wish you didn't have to be here, we're bloody glad to have you.

The Book that started me on my road to recovery:
Buy it: HERE

Click HERE to find a consolidated list of resources.
To better understand what you're dealing with, be sure to read THIS article written by a man (Andrew) who is successfully recovering from his porn and lust addiction.  After you read the essay, bookmark the site.  You'll love it.

There's no need to feel alone in your battle -aside from us, you have your Savior.  He's always there, alwaysalwaysalways.
And we're always here:

Join THE forum.  It will be a blessing in so many ways.
I promise.

And here's a very important link.  Please check out SA Lifeline.  I've found more truth in their non-profit than anywhere else.  If recovery and healing is what you're looking for (and I really hope it is!) you'll find so much of what you need there, including Rhyll's book:
You can find my review on the book HERE.
And take some time to download a free copy of their very thorough manual "Understanding Pornography."  It's a go-to resource for parents, bishops, families... you name it!
For education purposes, there's a great company with informative youtube videos and information that will really clear up what's going on in your life:

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  1. i loved that book too! read it last month (my 2nd month of joining the recovery band wagon!)