Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good Neighbors

I have a wise neighbor.
She's Native American which increases her wisdom by approximately 67%.  She's a retired judge, and she used to run a farm full time... horses, cows, you name it. 
She's learned a lot in her lifetime.

Her family has been connected with mine for years, the bond between us increasing as her mother nursed my mother after The Accident.  She's watched me grow, and now she's watching my children grow.

This morning, I fidgeted with her grape vines while the barn cats bounded around the muddy rain puddles at my feet.  She sat on her side of the fence, weeding her garden.

"Yesterday was a bad day," she said, rolling the earth's clay from her fingers, "But I woke up and looked outside.  It was raining a little bit, and we need the rain.  I went for a walk with my dogs.  I just enjoyed the gift of the day.  There's yesterday's dishes to do and laundry in the house, but I'm not going to let yesterday ruin today.  God doesn't make mistakes with days."

She was living in the moment, breathing in the desert rain.
"Learning more about God in nature than in church," as she puts it. 
"You have to live for the present or you'll end up missing everything."  Everything except regret, I guess.

My husband sat on the edge of our bed last night and told me of some "attack" thoughts he'd been battling.   He's 5 months porn-sober.  No one knows that better than Satan.  And when he's got a good stretch of porn-soberness under his belt, Satan tries to thwart his progress over lust with blatant attacks from unexpected and awful angles.
"I just have to focus," he said, "on what's in front of me now.  When those thoughts come in, I have to work at being present."

God doesn't make mistakes with days.
Mankind makes mistakes, but God's will can not be thwarted.  He doesn't make mistakes.
Not with me.
Not with my husband.
Not with days.

And today, just for today, I won't let Yesterday ruin Today.


  1. "I won't let Yesterday ruin Today", love it!!

  2. I so need to learn how to do this! How to stay IN the moment, be here, present, today. I get caught up in 'yesterday' too often. Thanks for the beautiful post. :)

  3. I love this. Kind of just what I needed

  4. this is awesome. Focusing on the beauty right in front of me has been very healing...

    Good for you and husband. :)