Thursday, January 23, 2014

Satan is a User

In exciting news this Thorsday (that's what my son calls it), my husband has a featured blog post!  This whole blogging thing is really new to him, and he really put himself out there (yay, vulnerability!) by writing this post.  Check it out -my buttons are popping.  CLICK HERE. And keep in mind that he didn't choose the picture.  Just wanted to throw that out there...

Satan uses souls.
Satan is a taker.

Satan even uses Jesus.  He uses Jesus against you.

Would Jesus have acted that way?
Would Jesus have spoken that way?

What comes after those awful hissings?  Guilt, shame, loathing...  everything Satan bathes in.

There is mercy for me.
I am infantile in my knowledge.  I'm doing what I can with what I know.  Jesus did what He could with what He knew, which was a LOT more than Alicia knows. 

The Lord knows that.  I know that.  Satan knows that, but he doesn't care.  He doesn't care because he's a user. and a taker.  and a tosser.

Can I just commission that bumper sticker right now?