Monday, January 27, 2014

New Year Valentines

This month, the only Valentines you get are from Yours Truly.
I'd apologize, but it's your own fault, really.  Because you didn't SEND any, shweetheard (I say that in my very best 1920s mafia voice).

(Here's a link about the Valentine's Project.)

(That picture loaded really awful... it isn't nearly so lightened or grainy in my file.  Wonder why?)


  1. It is nice when He shows you he's aware especially when sometimes it feels like He isnt <3

  2. PEEING MY PANTS! I have been blogging for NINE YEARS and for the first time EVER, my husband has left me a comment! It doesn't even matter what it says! I'm just so excited. Let's celebrate later by having you leave more comments!