Thursday, January 31, 2013

Barnacle Baby

This is my sweet baby -my sweet, sweet baby.

She's so much a part of me -formed from me, grown in me...  She hates being away from me.  Putting her down is hardly an option.  We co-sleep, we co-live, we co-everything. 
And I like it.
She's my barnacle.  And yeah -technically, that makes me the whale.  But let's not think about that.

I love watching my baby follow her instincts.  They're all she knows.
When she's hungry, she eats.
When she's sleepy, she sleeps.
When she's uncomfortable, she cries.

Her's is a life of ultimate simplicity.

When did I forget?
When did I stop following my instincts?
When did I start ignoring my gut?

My baby is completely dependent on me for her well-being.  She relies on her parent.
Somewhere along the Line of Life, I drifted away from my dependency on my Father in Heaven, and I shifted it to dependency on the Natural Man.

Making my way back has been a painful journey.
But the longing keeps me going -the longing for confidence, for trust in myself, for simplicity...

She reminds me.


  1. So Blue, Grey, Humpback, or Killer? Ha, ha! Your baby is beautiful! The thought occurred to me that whales follow their instincts, too. John Denver has a song about sweet surrender, "like a fish in the water, like a bird in the air". Oh, to live life freely and naturally and happily! The irony is that to live that way, we must surrender it all to God. Beautiful post, Alicia.

    1. Oh Killer -definitely. Then I could hang out at Sea World for free!

  2. It's crazy easy to forget those basics isn't it! That's why the steps stress the importance of dailies so much. Those are our basics. I love this post. Thanks!

    1. It always amazes me how easy the basics are to forget. Why is that? I dunno.

  3. Love this post! I have had similiar thoughts as I hold my infant daughter. Thank you.

    1. LOVE the babies! They're so sweet.

  4. She is beautiful Alicia. A little precious angel!
    Jane started a weekly check in with me. She asks how I am doing Physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I started doing that with my children. I am now going to do that with my Heavenly Father. Sometimes I go to bed too exhausted to talk to him and I know he wants to hear from me.

    Hmmmm...Enjoy those snuggle moment...sniff...sniff!