Monday, May 5, 2014

SA Lifeline Conference Announcement!

I dreamed last night that I hired a sitter to watch my older two children while I attended the SA Lifeline Conference in Utah this coming Saturday.
I told the sitter, "I'm taking my baby."

And then I woke up this morning and realized.
I'm NOT taking my baby.  And now I want to cry like a baby.  She'll be okay while I'm gone, SURE.  I'm leaving her in extremely capable hands.  At this point, it's not HER I'm worried about.  It's her blubbering mother.

That said:
I can't believe it's only days away!  This is amazing, you guys!
As the conference has neared, I've received word that the line-up as changed a bit.  Jeff Ford from St. George Lifestar will be the keynote... check the new and improved flyer out!

There will be some fantastic, recovery game-changing goings on that you will NOT want to miss... The Lord has made it clearly, plainly, and powerfully known that Danny and I should attend this conference, and we've worked hard to make it happen!
I hope you'll come to the Conference. I'd love to meet you and share this life changing experience with you! Even if you can't come, please share the flyer.  You have my permission to link up to this blog on facebook or any social media site you normally share on. This conference is great for not only families affected by pornography addiction but Bishops and clerical leaders!

The training they'd receive on Betrayal Trauma just makes me want to cry.  and dance.
To say nothing of how excited I get over Bishops being trained by pros.

This is a rare and beautiful and amazing opportunity to hear the words of experienced counselors and experienced PEOPLE -wonderful people who have been through this for YEARS.  It's a gold mine of education.


  1. I want to go SO BADLY. Sigh. Next one?

  2. My hubby and I just registered :) Would love to meet you!

  3. It was great! It was so good to finally meet you!