Thursday, May 22, 2014

Love is an Open Door

At work yesterday, I read a news article on Yahoo! about a big child-porn bust in NYC.  Reading it made me physically ill.  But after the nausea came the hope.


Folks will read words like, "child porn" alongside of "police chief, rabbi, boy scout leader, nurse..." and start to realize that PORN in all it's devious and heinous forms is not a "Mother's Basement Crime."
It is a street crime, committed by those sworn to protect us, to protect children and to honor the law.

That set mentioned above could probably be plucked from any number of cities.  Child porn isn't an NYC problem, it's a gigantic world-wide problem.

People don't KNOW this.  People don't really know.  I've bumped up against so many who can't fathom why my husband would look at porn because they believe I'm beautiful.  They know I'm not frigid or cold, and I offer love and affection to Danny.
They don't realize that
a) Porn is rampant
b) Porn is a gateway drug to behavior
c) Porn is looked at by at least 75% of men (40% of women?  is that stat right?)
d) Porn has NOTHING to do with the spouse's looks, behavior, actions, efforts, boob size, sexual performance, athletic agility, cooking ability, level of education, nicety factor, or fashion sense.

So I was ill yesterday morning, but underneath my stomach ache floated a beautiful ray of hope.

Awareness is being raised because porn and sex addiction are getting wildly out of control.

Perhaps that article and similar articles will open doors of (dare I say it?  think it?  begin to hope for?) UNDERSTANDING for wives, partners, and spouses of sexual addicts?

Reports of the Summit in DC are rolling in, and I'm soaking them up.
I don't recommend the article on the child porn bust (unless your stomach is stronger than mine), but I do recommend:

Scab's post that follows Rebecca through the Summit
And Jacy's post that tells of her experience attending

Raising awareness.
Porn kills love.
Awareness opens doors.
Doors of love.

Love is an open door.
(go ye therefore into your day with Frozen songs stuck in your head.)


  1. I love this! I love you!

  2. This is wonderful! I feel like I share things on Facebook to bring awareness to the problems of pornography daily. I'm sure everyone is sick of it but if they would just take it seriously and realize how BIG this is, we could all fight this fight a little more!