Saturday, March 2, 2013

Natural Celebs

Being married to someone to who looks at pornography can make you feel really inadequate in the looks department.
But recovery is magic handed to you on a platter of sweat and tears.  And recovery helped me to reverence my natural me.  It helped me drop the ideas of eyelash extensions, breast implants, nip/tuck, layers of make-up... I do dye my hair once a year, but I do that for me.

I always wanted to be a ginger.  My sister stole all the ginger genes in the family.


I used to look in the mirror and see stretch marks and flaws.  There was a too-small mouth, a too-narrow nose, too many moles.

Now I look in the mirror and see something more: I see a choice -a heavenly choice I made before I came to earth -a choice to come and live and choose in a BODY.  It's a majestic creation, formed in the hands of my beloved Father in Heaven who knows me well and is acquainted with me.
It's my mother's nose and my father's mouth.  It's physical representations of the babies that have formed within the chambers of my own flesh. 
It's breathtaking.

It needs tender loving care.  It needs better food.  It needs exercise.

I give it these things now because I understand -not because I want it to be thinner or more perfect or "adequate."

And this morning, I came across a slew of pictures of country stars without make-up.
They are beautiful.
You should have a look -please have a look.



  1. I don' t know what percentage of addicts are unhappy with their spouse's appearance. I know I've always thought mine was beautiful. I told her that frequently, and I never lied. She 's just as beautiful to me without makeup.

    1. My husband has always been very good about complimenting me -it wasn't for lack of validation that I didn't feel adequate. Honestly? It was the images I accidentally happened to find that weren't supposed to be found that made me self-conscious. But my husband never held me to any kind of standard as far as I could tell... I did it all to myself. Recovery is seriously miraculous, and I'm forever grateful for it because my loving my natural self helps me to build a better daughter, you know? I want my own child to know how beautiful she is by WHO she is and not WHAT she is. BOTH of my girls, I mean. I'm still getting used to having two, haha.

  2. Thank-you for this post. I'm still in the thick-of-it as far as celebrities being a trigger. I'm starting to come around to appreciating my own body again. I've mostly given up on the idea of lipo and breast augmentation. But the sight of someone I know happens to be a favorite of my husband's sends all those insecurities racing back. Real or imagined in the eyes of my husband, they're unfortunately all to real to me.

  3. Thank you Alicia:) You my friend are so inspired. I needed this reminder, as I have been looking in the mirror lately and seeing my flaws instead of the beauty.

    Love you!