Friday, December 6, 2013


A few days ago, I read a post that hasn't left my thoughts.  Here's why:

Antifragile 3  
In other words, being resilient is good.  But being anti-fragile is really living.  

As I read the article in it's entirety, I was fascinated.  I highly highly recommend taking a few minutes (it's a little long, but I promise it's worth the read) and reading the article.  It will inspire you to pay off debt and plan for life to hit you with it's best shot.

You'll no longer be fazed by flat tires and traffic delays.
You'll use your spending money for your on-the-side job... you know, the one that involves a little piece of your hopes and dreams.
Your year supply will increase.

Okay, I can't make any guarantees, but as the wife of a porn addict I will definitely say this much: I'm shooting for Hydra Status.

And Life?  Go ahead and chop me.  Chop me and see what happens.

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  1. "Chop me and see what happens." Haha :) You're the greatest! Thanks for this post. I know many of us could use it right about now.