Sunday, June 29, 2014

Seen Trials and New Guidelines

I'm truly sick.
Two days ago, I was balled up in a blanket on the couch watching (yet another) version of Jane Eyre and wanting to just disappear.
My surgery date is still pending, but I go in to schedule it on Wednesday.  I'm getting rid of my gall bladder because it's not working.  I mean: every dang day IT ISN'T WORKING. 

But this is common.  It happens to lots of people -mostly women.
I know this because I personally know SCADS OF WOMEN walking around without gall bladders.  Factor in those I don't know?  Sheesh.  Gall bladder issues are rampant, folks.
The great thing about it is I can hop onto facebook and get great answers and advice in seconds.  The unprecedented great thing about it?  People show up. 
My visiting teacher brought food TWICE.  Children are picked up and whisked away.  Phone calls, texts... I didn't realize that would happen when I asked for quick, "what do you do before having a knife stuck in you?" advice online.

Being sick has deepened my depression.  When I can't do anything or think clearly, I just sink. 

I'm so grateful for seen trials.  So grateful.
Seen trials bring pure love to your doorstep.

We live in a wonderful age where we can talk about bodily gas out loud, online, over the phone... and we're all pretty much okay with it.  We can say things like, "hey, make sure you abuse stool softeners two days before the surgery" and laugh ourselves silly.

Years ago, that wasn't the case.
Years ago, you didn't talk about stuff like that.  It was only to be handled behind closed doors.

I hold on to the hope that someday in the future porn addiction can be and will be talked about and addressed as openly as dead gall bladders.

Someday... maybe porn addiction will be a seen trial.

As awareness of it grows, the church has come out with new guidelines which I haven't fully read yet (I've read #1,2, and 11 so far).
So far it seems wonderful.  No replacement for my 12-steps, but a wonderful resource.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some Wal-Mart brand Slim Fast to nurse.
Want some too?  Tea time tomorrow at 2?  Anyone?  Anyone?  I promise probably not to fall asleep.


  1. But on a serious note. Completely agree some of the more difficult trials aren't 'open trials' are they?

  2. I'm finally caught up! It feels good to read your posts in real time. I'm sorry- I have no gallbladder. Hang in there darling.