Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Locked Down

This morning I paid a visit to my locked Recovery board on Pinterest.  It's full of educational articles, inspirational quotes, and relaxation yoga.

There's a link to some great Detox bath recipes.

And a few things that make me rethink the way I do yoga breathing:
My recovery board is my safe place -hidden and tucked away like the notes my friends used to pass me in elementary school.
For My Eyes Only.

After going through my relaxation routine this morning, I'm going to slather myself in essential oils and take care of my sick son.  I'm going to open windows and let fresh air in.  I'm going to listen to Italian Arias and clean my kitchen so I can bake bread.
There will be an old movie on the screen and a baby at my feet.

Today, I will take on the theme of the month and just be grateful.
Or, as my daughter said in family prayer last night, "Thank thee for everything except drugs."


  1. "Thank thee for everything except drugs."
    ^This wins the internet today.

    1. Right?! It's adorable. A few days later, she brought it up again and my son said, "what about bullies? Are you grateful for bullies?" haha.