Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Opposite of Co-Dependency

Every Saturday night, my Grandpa tunes into pbs.  He watches Lawrence Welk.  Just as soon as it's over, "Keeping Up Appearances" comes on and Grandma joins him on the living room couch.
Every opportunity I have, I join them.  Last Saturday as I watched Keeping Up, I noticed that Hyacinth -the main character, is the absolute opposite of co-dependent... and she drives me and everyone around her crazy.

I've had a hunch the past few months that some degree of co-dependency is actually healthy.  To depend on mankind around us... to be aware of them and to risk making ourselves uncomfortable for their sake -it isn't all bad.
Knowing how to to toe the line between Turning the Other Cheek and Emotionally Healthy can definitely be tricky... at least for me.
So long as I find myself somewhere between a doormat and Hyacinth, I know I'll make it out all right.  Should I ever end up like one or the other, THEN I'll be worried.


  1. Hilarious:) I absolutely love it! Never seen this show before.

    I am very much a turn the other cheek and take it woman. I have allowed people to walk all over me for years. It's the Christ-like way, but I can see how it's risky at times.
    I am a good mix in between the two, but mostly not one to debate. I'd like a little Hyacinth in me.

    Thanks I needed this today!

    1. It looks like they have lots of full episodes on youtube! It's such a fun show -you'll get attached to all of the characters.

  2. Hahaha.... nice.

    I don't know. To me, those moments when we put ourselves through uncomfortable situations for other people can be done without codependency. I'm learning and trying to internalize that it all depends on our motive. If we're doing it because of fear (fear of losing our worth, image, reputation, fear of rejection, losing the feeling of being important to someone else, etc)....... codependency. But if we're sacrificing simply because we care about and want to serve, then I believe we have reached the Christ-like-way.

    P.S. This woman drives me crazy! lol