Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Life is messy. It's rocky. It's confusing and foggy and downright beautiful.

It's supposed to be that way.

The past few months have been all of those things for me. Danny and I are not in a great place. This addiction is horrible. It's a plague, sweeping the nation, the world, families, souls, hearts, minds...

But you already know that.

Because of that, it's time for me to start writing again. It's time for me to tell you that I'm being restored to myself. God is weeding out, weeding, weeding. I'm finding a relationship with my true self.
Danny and I are navigating the confusing world of separation, and it's a bucket of mess.
A great, big bucket of mess.

I'm finding sources of strength within me that I didn't know existed. I'm finding a hunger for fresh air,  for quiet mornings, and music that makes me dance out loud (it's totally a thing, I promise).

I'm decorating my house which seems small.  It does.
But it isn't small.

After separating from Danny, I asked God what I was to do next and He simply said...

Decorate your house.

So I am.  As I pull down pictures, throw out old, and bleach corners, I'm finding something of a canvas.
And as The Lord so pointedly put it in the Temple as we talked last month... I will be restored.
A promise from One who never breaks trust.

A little taste of what I'm up to:


  1. Inspiring. I've been feeling similar whispers.

  2. Sorry to hear about the separation:(
    Love your writing and love the decorations!

  3. Your decorating is adorable. BE BRAVE. you can do hard things!

  4. Separating was the best decision I ever made. I couldn't think straight when addiction was suffocating me. But it was also the most difficult decision. I hope you also find that peace we all need.

  5. I keep coming back to your blog because it helps me to not feel so alone. I know this comment is late but I wanted to say this post inspired me. You are brave. I am brave even though I have to fight against my fear.