Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SA Lifeline Conference Announcement!


I've been holding this in for weeks.  Been DYING to tell you about it, and last night I received a flyer with all the information and a free pass to announce it:

May 10th -mark your calendar -there's going to be a Conference in Salt Lake.  This conference is something I'm really excited about because it is a RECOVERY CONFERENCE for those dealing with sexual addiction in their lives. 
And not just that... but a Recovery Conference focusing on the FAMILY.

SA Lifeline is interested not only in the recovery of the addict but in the recovery of the spouse, the marriage, AND the family unit!  Nowhere out there is there a non-profit so powerfully PRO real recovery in every facet.  I've looked!  I've scoured!  And to have finally FOUND an organization that has the interest of my family involved has been a remarkable answer to prayer.

If you haven't checked out their website, please take a minute and GO.  It's approachable and bursting with education and resources.

Danny and I are very excited to be attending this Conference -our scheduling and finances have magically lined up in our favor -and May 10th we will be in Salt Lake feasting on the words of recovery for our marriage and family... AND there's a luncheon.
Feasting all around.  ALL around.

Did you see that class line up?

Recovery of the MARRIAGE. 
What about the kids? 
A Panel Discussion with Therapists
I'm dying. But I already said that... Tell me you're coming! This conference in the first of it's kind, and a great opportunity. AND there's going to be lunch.

I'm sold.  sold on so many levels.

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  1. Wish so desperately I could be there! But even if not, I'm glad that you can tell me about it.
    Sure love you.